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Only One Way Home!

It's In Jesus Alone

After the tremendous success and overwhelming love we received from our fans for the initial release, we knew we had to keep the momentum going. That's why we've poured our hearts and souls into bringing you an even more captivating and soul-stirring rendition of this timeless classic.

With each note, each harmony, and every beat, we've strived to elevate your listening experience to new heights. Get ready to be swept away once again by the powerful message and infectious rhythm that define "Only One Way Home."

Whether you're a longtime member of #MassNation or just discovering our music for the first time, this release promises to captivate your soul and lift your spirits. Spread the word far and wide – let's make this sophomore release even bigger and better than the first!


I Will Receive It!

The legendary Mississippi Mass Choir is back with a powerful message of hope and resilience. After a decade hiatus from recording, the renowned gospel choir has released their moving new single, "The Promise"—a stirring testimony to unwavering faith in the face of adversity.


Featuring the soaring vocals of award-winning gospel greats, Myron Butler and Stan Jones, "The Promise" is a masterclass in inspirational music. Through soul-stirring Mass vocals and musician artistry, the song delivers a firm reassurance of God's steadfast promises to believers. Though times seem uncertain, calamities abound, and storms rage, God's eternal "Yes" and "Amen" await to triumph over them.

The world has been through a lot, especially during the pandemic, and many people are still struggling to pick up the pieces. We've all seen so much heartache and pain that some have started to doubt the promises of God. That's why our latest offering is dedicated to reigniting the spark of hope within everyone." - Zira Washington 

Co-written by Stan Jones and Jerry Mannery, "The Promise" was crafted to revive weary souls and ignite purpose in generations to come. It's a powerful reminder that joy comes in the morning and victory is already won—we need only hold fast to faith.


With their first release in 10 years, Mississippi Mass Choir once again cements their place as one of gospel's most celebrated and inspirational artist. "The Promise" is a moving anthem of resilience and hope in an age that needs it most. May it renew your strength for the road ahead.

You can now hear "The Promise" on your local radio station or call in and request to hear your new favorite hype song.

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"From church choir stands to the Billboard Charts, Mississippi Mass Choir has inspired millions with their powerful gospel music. Formed in 1988 by the late Frank Williams—legendary singer, songwriter, producer, and visionary—the Mass Choir has been blessed to remain a welcomed presence in the gospel music industry for nearly 35 years. The renowned gospel choir has touched lives across the globe through soul-stirring anthems of resilience, hope, and strong faith in Jesus Christ.


The Mississippi Mass Choir's powerful ministry is rooted in founder, Frank Williams' humble obedience to the vision of uniting and mentoring some of Mississippi's finest singers in a massive way. Williams reached out to friend and minister of music, David R. Curry Sr., and piano prodigy Jerry C. Smith to help recruit over 150 singers statewide. From teenagers to seniors, teachers to police officers to truckers, they came together as one. They came from diverse churches and vocations, united in one faith and for one purpose, “To Serve God Through Song!”


Success came quickly. The choir's debut album hit No. 1 on Billboard's gospel charts for 45 consecutive weeks, setting a record for a recording in any music genre which earned the choir a special achievement award. 


In 1993, after to sudden passing of Frank Williams, Pastor Jerry Mannery was passed the reigns as the choir’s executive director. Under his guidance, they've recorded 11  albums, earned 2 Grammy nominations, Gospel Hall of Fame, 5 Stellar Awards, and a Stellar Gospel Music Lifetime Achievement Award along with a host of other awards and recognitions. But accolades only underscore their higher calling: to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


It doesn’t matter where they are or the size of the stage, the Mississippi Mass Choir pursues a single purpose: to glorify God and uplift souls. With voices as timeless as their message of hope, what began as a vision of unity among individual vocalist statewide has spanned continents. Their accolades and opportunities—from the Acropolis to the Vatican to Tokyo—only deepen their dedication to the guiding vision of their founder, Frank Williams. His dream of bringing people to Christ's redemptive throne through music will continue as long as there are souls longing for grace, and a Mississippi Mass Choir to stir hearts with the timeless power of gospel truth.


An Institution of
Gospel Music

"The Mississippi Mass Choir's 35-years legacy of faith, hope, and soul-stirring music has been honored with numerous accolades, including:

  • Induction into the Stellar Gospel Music Hall of Fame (2017)

  • Induction into the Mississippi Music Museum Hall of Fame (2000)

  • 2 Grammy Award nominations for Best Gospel Choir or Chorus Recording ('I'll See You in the Rapture,' 1997; God Gets the Glory, 1992)

  • 9th Annual James Cleveland Excellence Awards: Choir of the Year, Contemporary; Best New Artist (1999)

  • 5 Stellar Awards: Choir of the Year ('I'll See You in the Rapture,' 1997); Traditional Choir of the Year ('I'll See You in the Rapture,' 1997; 'God Gets the Glory,' 1992); Traditional Album of the Year ('God Gets the Glory,' 1994); Album of the Year ('Rev. James Moore - Live with the Mississippi Mass Choir,' 1991)

  • 3M Innovation Award (1994, 1992)

  • Multiple Billboard honors, including Gospel Artist of the Year (1992, 1990), Gospel Record of the Year ('God Gets the Glory,' 1992; 'The Mississippi Mass Choir Live!,' 1990), Album of the Year ('The Mississippi Mass Choir Live!,' 1991; 'Rev. James Moore - Live with the Mississippi Mass Choir,' 1991)

  • Special Achievement Award for debut album topping Billboard's gospel charts for 45 consecutive weeks (1990)

  • National Association of Record Merchandisers (NARM) Best Sellers Award (1994, 1993, 1991)

  • Multiple Soul Train and Dove Award nominations

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