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Mississippi Mass Choir Announces Release of New Single, "The Promise"

The legendary Mississippi Mass Choir is back with a powerful message of hope and resilience. After a decade hiatus from recording, the renowned gospel choir has released their moving new single, "The Promise"—a stirring testimony to unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

Featuring the soaring vocals of award-winning gospel greats, Myron Butler and Stan Jones, "The Promise" is a masterclass in inspirational music. Through soul-stirring Mass vocals and musician artistry, the song delivers a firm reassurance of God's steadfast promises to believers. Though times seem uncertain, calamities abound, and storms rage, God's eternal "Yes" and "Amen" await to triumph over them.

Co-written by Stan Jones and Jerry Mannery, "The Promise" was crafted to revive weary souls and ignite purpose in generations to come. It's a powerful reminder that joy comes in the morning and victory is already won—we need only hold fast to faith.

With their first release in 10 years, Mississippi Mass Choir once again cements their place as one of gospel's most celebrated and inspirational artist. "The Promise" is a moving anthem of resilience and hope in an age that needs it most. May it renew your strength for the road ahead.

You can now hear "The Promise" on your local radio station or call in and request to hear your new favorite hype song. Click the link below to hear The Promise premiere this Sunday on Malaco Music's Darrel Luster's morning show.


The Mississippi Mass Choir is a multi-award winning, 2x Grammy-nominated gospel choir. Formed in 1988 by co-founders the late Frank Williams and David R. Curry Jr., the choir brings together singers from diverse backgrounds and denominations across Mississippi. Together, they produce an anointed and massive sound that profoundly impacts listeners.

Comprised of dedicated believers, the Mississippi Mass Choir serves as ambassadors for God, Mississippi, and the United States. Through their music, they fulfill the Great Commission by spreading the gospel and the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Despite challenges facing the world today, the choir stands as a testament to unwavering faith, hope, and resilience through Christ.

To connect with The Mississippi Mass Choir, visit:

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Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell
Apr 10, 2023

Song is OK and I have loved the MMC for years but hope the new album is not a move toward the Contemporary Christian Music genre that really doesn't do much for me.


Monty Barnes
Monty Barnes
Mar 24, 2023

I LOVE the song!!!! I love the message!!!! I need this for purchase and streaming soon... because it has already blessed me tremendously!!!!!! VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO THE ENTIRE ALBUM!!!! 🤗🤗🎶🎶#iamholdingtoTHEPROMISE #iwillreceiveit #westillbelieve #MMCNation

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