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Dorcus Curry Thigpen


Her directing style is like no other. The anointing that exudes from her pulls the best out of any choir member.


Dorcus Ruth Regina Curry Thigpen, affectionately known as, Ruth, began directing at a very young age at her Father's church, Oakley Street, which later became Liberal Trinity Church Of God In Christ.  After the death of her Father, D.R. Curry, Sr., her brother D.R. Curry, Jr. founded the D.R. Curry Memorial Choir.


In 1982 the choir recorded Lift Jesus Up with Malaco Records. On this album Dorcus' gifts of directing, singing and even songwriting were exposed on a national level.  She not only led but co- wrote "Put Your Trust in Jesus."


In 1988 her brother, David R Curry, Jr., along with Frank D. Williams, founded the grammy-nominated Mississippi Mass Choir. It was no question that Dorcus would be asked to be a part as director and what a perfect fit she would be.


Although she was pregnant during the first recording with the 5th child of 5 very talented boys, she would go on directing the choir for 34 years to date. 


Dorcus has a unique gift with children. She later assisted with the forming of the Mississippi Children's Choir. She directed and wrote songs for this choir for several years, mentoring children into some of the greatest singers and songwriters in the country.


She continued to work with kids through children's workshops where she mentored children all over Mississippi through gospel music.


She has traveled all over the world to Japan, Germany, Spain, and South Africa with the Mississippi Mass Choir and remains faithful to the call over her life. She continues her legacy through her 5 sons and her 10 grandchildren.

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