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The Music

"The Mississippi Mass Choir"
"God Get's The Glory"
"It Remains To Be Seen"
"I'll See You In The Rapture"
Emmanuel (God Is With Us)
"Amazing Love"
"Not By Power Nor By Might"
"We See The Star"
"The Sings My Soul"
"Declaration Of Dependence"
Bemjamin Cone III
Stephen Johnson
Emma Curry
Dorcus Curry Thigpen

The Mississippi Mass Choir

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Heart Stirring - Soulful - Seasoned

The Mississippi Mass Choir, known as “God’s Choir” is a Grammy Nominated,  Award Winning Gospel Choir with a brand that expands around the world. Our music not only provides healing and inspiration but it transcends cultural barriers,

connecting every generation.  more...

Follow Us

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MMC in Detroit, MI

We Pray.  |  We Serve. |  We Sing.

"Serving God Through Song"
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